Rounds® Patient Experience Application

Monitor and analyze how patients feel about their experience at your clinics 24/7.

 With our Rounds Patient Experience Application you can:

  • Collect patient satisfaction data in real-time as they leave clinic visits.
  • Monitor your program and access your reports on–demand 24/7.
  • Plug & play set-up with customized questions.
  • Software, devices, installation and maintenance are included in our program costs.

How does the Rounds Patient Experience Application work?

  • Simple three step process.
  • Hassle free and easy installation, we provide both the device and the software.
  • Clinics can be set up in as few as 72 hours.

Step 1: Patients are asked to provide feedback during checkout following a clinic visit.

Patients will complete a 10-12 question survey using an on-site tablet.


Step 2: You choose the questions.

Customize your questions to suit your patient response needs.


Step 3: Log into your own personal dashboard, to view your results.

Answers to the survey questions are uploaded in real-time and immediately retrievable.




Are you looking to monitor and analyzes how patients feel about their experience?
To learn more about TCI’s Rounds Patient Experience Application or to Schedule a demonstration Click Here.