Rounds® Hospital Enterprise Applications

TCI’s Rounds healthcare technology platform delivers on-demand financial data alongside real-time Quality of Care and patient safety measurements that are critical to complying with new reimbursement rules included in health care reforms and avoiding regulatory reimbursement penalties. Rounds gives hospital executives their own program with on demand reports available 24/7. It replaces the need for ad hoc project based report requests that can take you and your team many extra work hours to complete. Rounds enables you to pre-program the reports you need and get them without interrupting your organization’s work flow.

What makes Rounds special?

  • The only healthcare software program witha built-in ROI calculator that computes the financial impact of healthcare reforms on a hospital’s bottom line.
  • The first healthcare software to combine quality of care (QOC) and patient satisfaction scores alongside current financial data.
  • A flexible and scalable program that can be applied to a variety of healthcare settings.

The Rounds ROI Calculator

Triple Aim information and financial data are displayed on one dashboard, on-demand 24/7.


What CEOs have to say about TCI’s Rounds Software:

  • “Clinical documentation Improvement is just what we need”, IN
  • “This is real time…Wow!”, NY
  • “We need what Rounds offers. Reporting during the course of care. Not after discharge.”, IL
  • “This is way beyond what our other software does for us.”, FL
  • “This would give us a concurrent perspective.”, IL
  • “Rounds’ greater emphasis on QOC outcomes would be helpful.”, CA

 Why choose Rounds over other software programs and options?

  • Real-time data input
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy-to-install
  • Affordable
  • Interoperable with other software
  • Tracks 3rd party costs
  • Customizable
  • Unlimited users
  • Self-Administration Panel

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